General FAQs

Do we have to book?

No. We are mainly a walk in restaurant, but we accept a handful of bookings up until 6pm, or other times at our discretion.

The website won’t let me book… are you booked out?

No. Definitely not. We accept a handful of bookings (around 16 guests) until 6pm for customers requiring certainty of their table, but otherwise, we are a walk-in venue. Just come on down. Feel free to call ahead to add your name to the list.

Why can’t I book a table after 6pm?

Radio Mexico is a unique dining eco-system. we are a mix of outdoor and semi-outdoor tables; we do not offer the traditional entre-main-dessert style of dining, and we do not move guests on once they are finished their meal. Therefore, it can be difficult for us to predict when tables will turn over. We think a walk in policy is most conducive to the style of dining which we offer.

How long will we have to wait for a table?

Although we are well known for queues out the door, the actual wait time is often quite short. Between 6.30 and 8.30pm on warm and dry Friday and Saturday nights is our peak time you expect to wait between 10-40 minutes. After 8pm there is often no wait at all as early diners are leaving the venue. If you are flexible about where to sit, we encourage you to just come on down. There is frequently no wait for tables outside of the above-mentioned peak times. NB Single diners and small groups of 2 or 3 will usually be seated very quickly. Larger groups of 6 or more generally have a longer wait as there are fewer places in the restaurant where they can be seated.

Can we wait at the bar for a table?

Yes. There is a bar that seats 9 guests, and in busy times, we reserve this space for guests awaiting their table. If the bar is full, the Host will give you an accurate wait time, take your name and number and call you when your table is available. They will suggest a spot close by to go for a walk or start with a drink.

If I come late, will I lose my booking?

Potentially. We will hold your table for a maximum of 10 minutes. Please let us know if you think you will be late and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Can I book an outside table?

When you make a booking online, you have the opportunity to select between indoor, courtyard and outdoor tables.

Can we book for a large group?

Yes. We offer our Communal Table for 8-12 (or 14 at a squeeze!) in 2 seatings: 6pm and 8pm, bookable online. Alternatively, our Private Dining Room is available for 10-28 guests, with a choice of start time and generous time allocation.

Can we split our bill?

Yes - we will accept a maximum of 4 payments. But you and your group are responsible for determining the amounts in advance. Our staff will not calculate individual diners bills.

Do you cater for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes! our menu is vegetable rich! Just let your waiter know and they will make suggestions. Most of the vegetarian items can be made vegan.

Do you offer catering?

Yes! See our Catering page on the website to review our offering.

Is there free parking close by?

Yes.There is plenty of free street parking all around St Kilda, sometimes with a time limit, and sometimes without.

Is there paid parking close by?

Yes. Metered street parking can be found on Spenser Street and the Esplanade; and there are paid public car parks on Shakespeare Grove (behind Luna Park), Belford Street (between Acland & Barkly), the Coles carpark (entry via Barkly Street) and on the Beach Road behind the Palais Theatre.

What is the closest tram stop?

The closest major stop is the Luna Park stop.

Which trams can I get to Radio Mexico?

The trams which stop closest are the 16 and the 96.

Do you accept Entertainment Card?


I am coeliac. Will I be able to eat at Radio Mexico?

Yes! Most of our menu is Gluten Free. Tell your waiter when you arrive and they will guide you. Please note that some of our most popular items may have trace gluten due to our cooking and kitchen set up.

I am allergic to nuts. Will it be safe for me to eat at Radio Mexico?

Yes! Our menu is peanut free. The only nut we use is Pecan in one of our deserts. Tell your waiter when you arrive and they will guide you. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your food does not contain traces of nuts due to our cooking and kitchen set up.

I have a food allergy and/or intolerance. Will you be able to accomodate me?

Yes! We can cater for some really tricky dietary requirements, and have a chart on site which

Is the venue Child friendly?

Yes. We have an excellent kids menu, colouring in and patient waiters. We do ask, however, that you supervise your children at all times and that they remain seated (when they are running around it’s dangerous for them and our waiters); and that if your children make a significant mess whilst eating that you assist our staff to clean it up.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes. And an accessible bathroom

Can I bring my dog?

Yes please! So long as you are happy to sit outside in our foothpath or parklet sections.

Can I bring my own wine?

No. We are a fully licensed venue.

Can I bring a cake?

Yes. We will bring it out with sparklers and then cut and plate for your guests at a cost of $2.50/head.

Are your Margaritas sweet?

No. Whilst we do add a tiny touch of simple syrup to our recipe, we strive for a dry profile.

Do you serve frozen Margaritas?

No. We classicly poured and shaken Margaritas in stemware or on the rocks, plus a selection of our own riffs on the classic.

Do you serve Sangria?

No. Sangria (the Spanish mix of wine, fruit, juice and softdrink) is not to be confused with our own ‘Sangrita’ which is a house spiced tomato juice amazing on its own, in a Bloody Maria, with lager (‘Michelada’) or as a side to Tequila or Mezcal.

Do you serve Nachos?

Yes. But not in the old school Aussie way with lots of cheese etc. We do a ‘fancy Nachos’ with Roast Pumpkin and a mix of 4 cheeses… but our most famous Nachos-like dish is ‘Chilaquiles’ which we think of as far superior and more traditional than Nachos.

Do you serve Burritos?


Do you serve non-alcoholic beer?


Do you serve mocktails?


Do you have beer on tap?


Is your food spicy?

Not really. Most of the menu is low heat, with a couple of dishes being prone to being more spicy (due to season changes in produce). You can ask for our own hot sauce to spice things up.

Can we split the bill?

Yes. But you must work out what amounts each party pays. Bills can be split a maximum of 4 times.

What is Ancho Chili?

It is a classic chili used in Mexican cookery, and in many of our recipes. It is actually the dried version of what is called Poblano chili which it is fresh. It has a deep fruity flavour and is quintessentially Mexican

Why are there no tacos on your takeaway menu?

They don’t travel well. If you just want a quick taco, they are best eaten straight from the grill. We welcome you to sit at the bar and have tacos on the run.

Do you open on Public Holidays?

Yes… most of them. On Public Holidays we apply a 10% surcharge.

Do you open on Christmas Day?

No. We always closed on Christmas Day.

Do you open at Easter?

Yes… and No. We usually decide in the preceding weeks how the Easter timetable will flow. Our trading hours are always updated on our Google page.

Private dining room FAQs

How long can we have the room?

For seated dining, our maximum time allocation is 4 hours. However, lunch functions must vacate the room by 5pm; and evening functions by 11.30pm. For stand up functions, the time allocation is 3 hours.

Can we vape or smoke in the room?


Can we decorate the room?

Yes… but the room is so lovely, it doesn’t need much help at all. Where possible and practical, we give clients early access to the room to decorate with approved items. Please note that we do not permit use of confetti, glitter or other like materials.

Do you have a projector, screen or white board?

Yes. We can supply a high-definition projector with HDMI connection upon request. Whilst we do not have a white screen, our machine projects a perfectly clear image onto the walls of the room. We do not have a white board.

Can we hire third-party entertainment?

Yes… but your choice need to be approved by us first. We can suggest Mariachi performers who have performed in our venue.

Can we play our own music?

Yes. You are welcome to select your own Spotify list on our device. If you wish to use your own device, please bring any adapters required. We provide connection with a standard headphone jack.

Is there music in the room?

Yes. We use Spotify played from an iPad which will be playing one of our lists, compiled in house.

Why is there a 10% Surcharge on Sundays and Public Holidays?

Like most venues, we surcharge on the days when penalty rates apply to our staff wages.

Is there a minimum spend requirement?

Yes. There is a minimum spend on food (minimum 10 guests @ $50/head =$500) plus a minimum spend on beverage ($450 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays; $200 on other days). Please note that ALL functions in November and December attract a minimum spend of $450 on Beverage.

Can you make us a cake?

Yes. We offer our signature Dark Chocolate & Black Bean Cake, which is an elegant crowd-pleaser, gluten and dairy free and a delightful way to conclude your celebration. There is a small and large size available.

Can we bring a cake?

Certainly! You are welcome to bring a cake to celebrate your occasion. Just let us know in advance. We will serve and portion for your group at a Cakeage charge of $2.50 per guest. We include sparklers in presentation but if you prefer candles or other props, please bring them along. NB We do not have sufficient freezer storage space for Ice Cream cakes, so please choose a cake which can be held at ambient or fridge temperature.

What if there is a food allergy in our group?

At Radio Mexico, we take food allergies very seriously and thus ask guests with genuine allergies to carry an EpiPen when they dine with us. Although we take great care, our cooking and preparation surfaces may contain trace elements of wheat, dairy, nuts, seeds, meats and seafood.

Does your set menu cater for dietary requirements?

Yes. At Radio Mexico we will supply substitute meals where necessary for guests with specific needs. We can accommodate even the trickiest dietary requirements when we are informed in advance. Requests made on arrival cannot always be fulfilled.

Can we pre-pay our bill?

Yes. This can be helpful for groups who have a set budget for their event. Payment can be made using regular methods listed above; or we can issue an invoice for payment by direct debit.

I will be paying the bill in full, can I set a budget for the drinks?

Yes. Our functions team are happy to help you work to a budget. Firstly, we plan a drinks offering which suits your needs; and your waiter can communicate to your guests the extent of that offering. We can advise you as you approach your specified budget, and you can decide to extend or finalise the bill.

How do we pay our bill?

We accept cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners.

How do we split our drinks bill?

It is the client’s responsibility to administer full payment of the bill. If it is helpful, we are happy to generate one bill for food, and another bill for beverage. Both will be fully itemised. Otherwise, your group will receive one bill itemising all of your function purchases, less your booking deposit of $200. We can split the bill up to five times when the client specifies the exact amounts to be paid.

Can I BYO wine?

Yes, at a charge of $45/bottle.

Can we order and pay for our drinks at the bar as we go?

No. There is no bar in our function room. Drinks are ordered through and served by your waiter, who will collate one bill for your group. Drinks cannot be paid for on an individual basis.

Can we just pay for the drinks our group consumes?

Yes. Our preference is to charge beverage on consumption at menu prices. We believe this is the best value option and enables greater flexibility over the drinks offering for your group. In this scenario, beer is served individually, wine by the full bottle, and Margarita by the jug.

Do you have drinks packages?

Yes. We offer a 2 or 3 hour Beer & Wine packages for $50 and $65 respectively. Whilst you can drink as much as you want, the menu selection offered is very narrow, and at our discretion.

What can we expect to pay for a great night?

For food and 2-3 drinks per head, expect to pay between $70-$120 per head, depending on your set menu choice and beverage preferences. Our Bookings Manager can help you customise your function based on your budget, occasion, and needs.

Catering FAQs

How should I present the food?

The food comes in cardboard eco packaging and foil oven-proof container. For a relaxed presentation, the order can be placed directly on the table. Equally, when decanted into tableware, the food looks amazing. The volume for each menu item is noted on the website. We suggest you use this as a guide to choose the size of your tableware for presentation. For best results… avoid giant platters, and use a bowl with a similar volume to the item you have ordered. The pictures in our menu provide an accurate proportional guide and a handsome serving suggestion.

If I order the Fiesta for 10 pack cold, can I collect it the day before my event?

Yes and No. The guacamole, rice, slaw and pico de gallo are made fresh every day and do not hold well overnight. The slow cooked meats, black beans and salsas can be purchased up to 2 days in advance and stored in the fridge. The corn chips are in a sealed bag and will keep for several weeks.

If I order the Fiesta for 10 pack cold, is it cheaper?

Yes. There is a discount of $20 per pack.

If I order food cold, will it be easy to heat up?

Yes. We include detailed instructions and package the offering in a way which makes this easy in the oven or the stovetop.

My party starts at 7pm. Could we collect our order after 5pm?

No. It is important for us to prepare your order outside of the busiest trading hours at Radio Mexico. From 5pm we move into dinner service and our kitchens cannot facilitate the volume of food. In a situation like this we recommend collecting the pack cold.

How much does delivery cost?

It varies. We will quote you when you order. For example an order volume 40 guests to Richmond will cost approximately $60, or to Elwood about $30.

Can you deliver our order?

Yes. By arrangement, using third party delivery services.

Do you provide staff?

No. We have developed an offering designed to be economical and easy for anyone to handle. All items in the pack travel well and are easy to store, reheat (if necessary) and present to guests.

I am expecting about 35 guests. What should I order?

We would suggest you order 3 ‘Fiesta for 10’ Packs, and perhaps an extra dish or two.

What kind of catering do you provide?

The ‘Fiesta for 10’ pack, which is the cornerstone of our offering, is a generous spread of Classic Radio Mexico items. It is designed to be laid out in a buffet-style presentation and for guests to serve themselves.

Can the food be eaten the next day?

Apart from Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and Slaw all items are suitable to freeze and eat for the next few days, so long as the storage conditions at your premises meet food safety standards.

What is the shelf life of the Litre Margarita?

Our made to order Margarita will be most delicious within the first day or two, but will easily last 4 days in the fridge.

How will I know which dish is which?

We label all items carefully, and also include a set of signs for you to place by each dish. In the case of the salsas, the heat level is described on the sign (mild, medium, spicy).

Can you cater for Dietary Requirements?

Yes. Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free can all be easily catered for from our menu. Our catering menu is free from nuts.

Are any of the meat dishes Halal?

Yes. Our chicken used in the Pollo Verde is certified Halal.